Preview: 2 Tim. 2:1-7

(1) In 2:1, Timothy is commanded to "be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus." What does Paul mean by the word 'grace' in this context?  

[In Paul's language, this word can carry the following possible meanings: a. graciousness, b. unmerited favor ('saved by grace'), c. favor given (the gift itself), d. thanks (gratitude), e. enablement from God to accomplish something]

(2) In 2:2, what are "the things" which Timothy has heard from Paul? (see also 1:13)

(3) How do you think Timothy is to know which men are 'faithful' or 'worthy' to teach others?

(4) In 2:3, Paul uses the same word as in 1:8 to command Timothy to suffer hardship. Why does Paul then bring up the picture of a 'good soldier' (2:3-4)? In the Roman world, what characterizes a 'good soldier'?

(5) In 2:5, what do 'rules' have to do with Timothy suffering hardship for the Gospel?

(6) In 2:6, what should Timothy and a 'hard-working farmer' have in common?

(7) In 2:7, what does Paul want Timothy to do with what has been written so far? 

(8) Thus far in the book, what things emerge as Paul's top priorities as he faces execution? Do YOUR priorities line up with PAUL'S?

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  1. 8. I struggle so much trying to line up my priorities not just like Pauls but to what standards the Bible holds for me as a Christian. I feel werry sometimes because of the weight of trying to please God. I find my self hurt many times, and the loss of respect and love for God because of the struggle I have loving God and loving in commands. I struggle because I have a big concience. It is very heavy, always troubling my heart, its a yearning to be sinless. Oh, I know that we can never reach perfection, I know that everything we do are dirty rags, but that is not where I am. I want to please God in obeying his loving commands, but when I do not and i willingly stray from his guidence it hurts me deeply. It brings me disspair and depression. Because, deeply I want to love God with all my heart.

    Sometimes I strive to love God, sometimes I strive so I may go to heaven instead of hell, sometimes I strive to please man, and sometimes I strive to please my self and sometimes I hold my two feet in the grave and garden being washed in a lukewarm shower.

    People tell me, that is where grace comes in or mercy. It is where God died on the cross. It is where we do not have to live by the law. Sometimes I hear let go and let God. To me, its all empty words, I dont mean that the scripture is empty, but to many people spit out verses to me thinking that if they just tell me this verse then i will be alright. Its much more deeper then that. I have to LEARN what this grace is and feel it for my self, I have to understand and know what it means to be saved by Christ.

    Im saying there are two different aspects, one is someone telling me a verse that God is never going to let me go and about grace, but on my end I have to some how come to terms with just not a witty comment of Jesus is my home boy or Let go and let God, but to be able to search and seek and understand the fruits of this grace and mercy. Its not enough to just say the verses to me, tell me how to apply it and seek it out in my own life.