Don't forget that the college class is invited over to our house after church on Sunday (~12:45pm). Detail in class on Sunday.


Class changes in the next 2 weeks

Just a reminder: I will not be teaching the next two Sundays. Please come this Sunday and enjoy a presentation from Josh and Aaron (sorry if I spelled your name wrong!) about the Sudan trip.

Feel free to connect with me in any of the following ways:


2 Timothy 2:22-3:9

1. What are the "youthful desires" from which Timothy is to flee? (Remember context is king!)

2. Even in the presence of false-teaching, what sort of servant of God is Timothy to be?

3. Why does Paul command Timothy to correct 'with gentleness'?

4. In verse 26, Paul implies that __________ is part of the problem.

5. In 3:1, when are the 'last days'?

6. How does Paul describe these kinds of 'last-days' people?